About Me

Hi there! My name is Teneil. I’m a performer from Brisbane specialising in Japanese-inspired rope bondage or shibari.


The term “shibari” (which means “decoratively tie”) originated in Japan in the nineties off the back of “kinbaku” (or “tight binding”), which is an artistic derivative of Hojōjutsu; the traditional martial art of binding. Shibari has grown and transformed over the years with its adoption throughout the world, and has made its way into popular culture through artists like photographer Nobuyoshi Araki and contemporary shibari artists like Dave Rickman/Wykd Dave, who has tied artists including FKA Twigs and Lady Gaga.


I use natural fibre rope to bind my models in intricate, complex designs; either on stage or suspended, and move them through dynamic poses and transitions. Depending upon the performance, this often also includes enigmatic narrative soundtracking and costuming. The performance aspect of shibari is incredibly unique and a truly captivating  process of connection and trust between artist and model. As they are bound, my models are transformed into living, breathing, installation art.

Performances usually run for 20-45 minutes depending on venue suitability/request of clients.  This is from the first laying on of the rope, through to full body suspension.
My requirements are fairly simple in that I need only an area to prepare myself and my model and access to a load bearing structure or beam to use as a suspension point. Most ceiling heights are workable, and this is easily navigated with venue staff/managers pre-performance. I also have a portable suspension frame that can be provided for performances.

I also teach rope bottoming and self suspension classes periodically. Any upcoming classes/workshops will be listed on the website.

Shibari is an art form both old and new; traditional and contemporary, elegant and edgy. I love to perform and share my love of rope with audiences and look forward to discussing performance opportunities and sharing my rope journey.

Teneil / AmeKitsune x